Gothenburg Centre for Systems Biology

Systems Biology is a recent approach to biology and medicine. While over the last decades research has focused on understanding the function of individual genes, proteins, cells, tissues or organisms, the systems approach is about interaction.

Systems Biology aims at understanding the properties that emerge from the interaction of genes, proteins, metabolites etc. Biological properties are based on the function of networks and understanding how networks are designed, according to which rules function and how they can be disturbed is critical for medicine and biotechnology in the 21st century.

Systems Biology is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring the tight collaboration around joint biological or medical questions of biologists, medical researchers, mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, physicists and chemists.

In Gothenburg a community of researchers has grown with an interest in studying biological networks of different types. The interests range from metabolic networks, signal transduction dynamics, genetic networks, population networks, spread of infectious diseases to cancer treatment and marine ecology. Essentially Aall disciplines listed above are represented in the Gothenburg Centre for Systems Biology and scientists both from Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg participate.

The Centre brings together world-leading experts dedicated to collaborate to solve biological or and medical questions. The GCSB is a joint centre of both universities in Gothenburg.

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